Monday, 15 January 2007

These are 2 sculptures I made in 2005 for a group show in London, in the background are 2 of my pictures and an adjustoform mannequin wearing a linen tunic and a felt covered water bottle. All items found in charity shops or at the car boot sale. The sculptures are made from wire and papier-mache. The one on the left is called Otesanek from the Czech fairy tale and was inspired by the film Little Otik by Jan Svankmajer. On the right is Backbone, a piece created from looking at the ribcage.


Fibrespace said...

Those sculptures look amazing!!!

Feltbug said...

Thankyou very much ! Its good to meet a fellow feltmaker.

cally said...

I got your comment about my twig ring, I forgot that was on the blog (most stuff isn't, tho it was on flickr till I went over my limit and they 'hid' my entire work set!)

So I always like to peek at a good blog's first post, and on the page saw these pieces. I can't believe how similar our work is! My 1991 light scupltures were so similar but upside down, translucent and a little more aquatic looking.

And the fact that you were influenced by Little Otik, I love that film!

Julie (of handmaid blog) is my pod making art twin, and you are clearly my twig and sculpture art twin :0)