Sunday, 4 February 2007

Nine years of drawing ...

Seeds 1998, gouache on paper

Bulb skirt (detail) 2007, indian ink on paper

Here are some samples of my drawings from the last nine years. I have worked on and off over this time - always starting new projects, finding new materials to play with, studying at adult education colleges, gaining new skills - but the one constant throughout this time has been drawing. This blog has been quite a revelation - in helping me to focus on where I am creatively speaking. Having worked sporadically and mostly at home for the last 9 years my artistic life gets caught up in the domestic. This has partly influenced my choice of materials and ways of working. When I left art college in 1984 I was very lucky to find a studio in that first crucial year. It was in a large warehouse in East London (before it became trendy and over-priced !) with about 40 artists who were mostly absent, apart from 1 month before the open studios when there would be a flurry of activity ! In those days I was working on large charcoal drawings and oil paintings which seems a very long time ago now. I stopped making art for 8 years for various reasons and then went back to college to study b/w photography.

I was inspired to start this blog by a fellow artist, Helle Jorgensen, who is also using her blog as a working archive of present and past work. I find that I am working every day now with creativity in mind, for the first time since I left the studio environment in 1990. A very amazing thing indeed !

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