Thursday, 1 March 2007

In the studio (17 years ago)

The last time I had a purpose built studio was in 1990. It was in a run-down Georgian terrace house, in Whitechapel, and was one of 3 houses run by Acme Studios in that street. Each house had 3 studios, one on each floor. The location was great for Brick Lane market and the Whitechapel Art Gallery. The charcoal drawings are of flowers I got from Columbia Road flower market. The map was for friends who might come to visit. We had open studios in conjunction with the Whitechapel Art Gallery. I rarely saw the other artists who worked in these buildings. That is why, 17 years later, I find the blog and flickr community such a revelation of communication and encouragement.


meabh said...

17 years ago I was living just around the corner from you in Myrdle Street! Only this morning we were reminiscing about Sunday mornings on Brick Lane and coming home laden with last minute cheap flowers from Columbia Road. Wondering whether George's caff is still there (doorstep fried egg sandwiches!) or whether it's all totally chichi-fied now?!
Happy days!

Feltbug said...

I had a feeling that I would discover a link with someone from those times ! Do you remember the lovely market in Chesire St (off Brick Lane)- Sunday morning hangovers wandering around the market with bacon rolls and strong tea in styrofoam cups - you could only find a cappuccino in a genuine Italian caff. Very happy days !