Friday, 20 April 2007

Helle Jorgensen

Cunjevoi Garden, originally uploaded by gooseflesh.
Crocheted and knitted reused plastic bags. Size variable. Length approx 25cm.

Helle Jorgensen crocheted and knitted this amazing sea creature from recycled plastic bags. Helle's work is like the creatures she creates - unbelievably beautiful and I cannot grasp that plastic can be made to look so organic. You can read more about her work on her blog, Gooseflesh. Helle sent me this beautiful felted bracelet. Here is some more of her stunning crochet jewellery on her flickr site.

Crochet bracelet by Helle Jorgensen.


Di said...

I've tried knitting with plastic bags and boy it's hard! Anyone who can create something as beautiful as this with a plastic bag is amazing! I love the bracelet too!

Samuel said...

"Cunjevoi Garden" looks like that type of cancer that, once removed during surgery, is never shown to the patient.