Saturday, 7 April 2007

Inge Evers

Mammas (detail) 1999. Australian Merino Wool, printed and tie-dyed viscose, linen stitches, cotton lining. 90x160cms

Memento 1999 Australian Merino wool, printed viscose, silk, buttons, linen stitches, cotton lining. 90x160 cms

Inge Evers is an artist and therapist working with fibres, felt and paper-making. The images of her work are from the book Filz, published by Arnoldsche. The words Inge has written about her mother have a particular resonance. 'Mammas is about the feelings I have knowing that I am going to lose my mother who suffers from a dementia syndrome. I have felted favourite scarves she used to wear. By felting them I feel I honour all these old people we love and who we have to let go.'

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