Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Portrait of the artist

I have been tagged by Gooseflesh and Comfies to reveal 7 random facts about myself - so here you are.
1. I collect old lightbulbs
2. I love wearing spectacles
3. I don't like wearing high heels
4. Red features in my work a lot
5. I love the library
6. I like to make things out of wire
7. I find great stuff like my table and chairs in the street.
Feeling hesitant at tagging fellow bloggers I thought I would choose some of my favourite blogs for you to look at. Here are 7 blogs by artists I love to read:


Miss Frugality said...

Great picture! It's nice to finally add a face to your name and to see you surrounded by all your art makes it even better!

julie said...

i am with you on the high heals and wire!!!

Camilla said...

Thanks for the link, and good to know i'm not the only person who actively enjoys her need to wear glasses.

Robin Cracknell said...

Yeah, really good portrait. Your workspace looks so neat and organised -- or was that just for the picture?

Feltbug said...

I tidied up when I installed the giant branch - it is back to its usual chaos now - piles of stuff everywhere !

susan said...

oooh lovely get to know you!
your art continues to inspire me... daily.

Kruse said...

Hey thanks for the link, came on a day when I was feeling glum, so cheers!

natasha said...

i love the photo! what a cutie you are! it is amazing to me how much we have in common.

natasha said...

that sounded odd, like i was saying that i was cute, too.