Tuesday, 19 June 2007

I heart my bike

It is bike week in the UK this week. For some of us it is bike week every week :) I have had my Dawes Red Feather for 8 years, it has a Brookes leather saddle, armadillo tyres and my lovely friend brought me this heart felt saddle cover from Sweden. I don't wear a helmet but do love to wear my crochet fingerless cycling gloves but that is as far as it goes with cycling gear. There is a new website for the Richmond Cycling Campaign which has some useful info for cycling in the borough and they are also running a quiz for bike week where you can win a new bike. If I could design the perfect bike it would look like one of these and be the weight of one of these !


Gina said...

What a cute seat : )

Jodie said...

Oh My - Here in Australia is is law to wear a helmet and we get fined if we don't ! No choice ..helmet hair every day 1

Miss Frugality said...

The saddle cover is gorgeous :-)
Yesterday there was a break in the rain and so R and I took our bikes along a local cycle path...It's the first time I've really enjoyed being on my new bike because I didn't have to worry about the traffic.Cycling in London must take some courage!