Thursday, 16 August 2007

Extraordinary yarns

I made my first purchase of handspun yarn and received this wonderful parcel in the post from Faun Donald of Hands & Notions. Here is her shop.

Here is a close up of the beautiful card that came with the yarn showing Faun's artwork.

I first discovered the wonderful world of handspun yarn 2 years ago when I visited the knitting supplies shop Loop in North London. They had some truly extraordinary yarn - it was like a piece of organic art - by the author of this fantastic book, Handspun Revolution, Lexi Boeger. You can visit Lexi's amazing website Pluckyfluff for more information. I had a go at making a spindle and tried to spin with it but failed - luckily there are plenty of talented artists out there making yarn to buy. Have a look at the work of Natasha Fialkov - she makes stunning creatures from her yarn too. You can find Natasha's yarn at her etsy shop, Luxe.

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natasha said...

you are so sweet! it is easier than you think, i swear! if someone just sat down with you, you would have it.