Saturday, 18 August 2007

Flashback Friday

Uncle John, Granny, Mum, Grandpa and me in 1965 in Oxford Gardens, London W10.

We are all wearing hand-knitted jumpers ! My Mum used to dress me in black pinafore dresses and black tights and I am wearing her cameo brooch. I also had lovely zip up ankle booties, with the zips at the front which I still covet to this day. This is for a new group on flickr, Flashback Friday - a great reason to sift through old photographs. There is a theme every week and the pictures have to be pre 1985. This week was group shots.


shula said...

Love love love your outfit.

lauren said...

that is so damned cute! i reckon we were way better dressed back in the day - i had corduroy overalls, brown riding boots, tights and creme turtleneck jumpers - classy!