Sunday, 18 November 2007

Dagmar Terrace

There is some beautiful architecture in Islington, including this house in Dagmar Terrace.


depesando said...

I know the people who restored the house directly to your right ( Painter turned film cameraman and textile designer ) as you took that picture. The round house on the corner is lovely, for some years an old woman with Altzheimers would turn up at this house most days and try to open the door with her key, convinced that this is where she lived, but she never had - she had no real connection with the house that anyone could find. The house directly to the left of the corner house was the scene of a terrible multiple murder a few years ago when the Tant family ( both parents, daughter and granddaughter ) were murdered by the Daughters estranged husband.

London, eh!

Feltbug said...

Interesting story!