Sunday, 3 February 2008

Maria Nuutinen

The Best Days of My Life (pincushions), 2005, cotton wool, elastic band, fabric, pins, plaster, plastic, printed fabric - dimensions variable
The Best Days of My Life 2005 (detail).

I first saw the work of Maria Nuutinen in an obscure (in the UK!) and inspiring design publication which I found at Borders in London last year called Metalsmith, so I was very excited to see her work at Collect with Galleria Norsu, a gallery from Helsinki dedicated to Nordic contemporary craft. Nuutinen is part of Amazing Animal with 2 other artists, Mervi Kurvinen and Kati Nulpponen.


paula said...


Interesting jewellery art, I have add it to my blog.
Keep up the good work and I really like your site...

With love Paula.

Cathy said...

I like these. Unfortunately I did not get to Collect, so thank you for sharing images etc... Cathy

Camilla said...

Hi there- just doing some research for a textiles project and magically came across this old blog post of yours. Must start writing my blog again- it's been too long and i'm so out of touch with the world.

Feltbug said...

Hi Camilla - I know me too but itching to start blogging again!