Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.

Lilian Lijn, Sky Never Stops 1965

Institute of Contemporary Arts : Visual Art : Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.: Exhibiting artists: Vito Acconci, Carl Andre, Anna Barham, Matthew Brannon, Henri Chopin, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Alasdair Gray, Philip Guston, David Hockney, Karl Holmqvist, Dom Sylvester Hou├ędard, Janice Kerbel, Christopher Knowles, Ferdinand Kriwet, Liliane Lijn, Robert Smithson, Frances Stark and Sue Tompkins until 23 August.


louloulovesbooks said...

I went to see this, I loved it...lots of lovely words...it was brilliant for a freebie. And the catalogue is a covetable thing

swiss said...

t's wanting to do some sort of felt making course they all seem to be down south and part time which isn't that feasible. i'm suggesting she should do it full time down in london town (she has family she can stay with)

do you know of any courses or places she could get in touch with

Feltbug said...

It is a very good show and also the covetable catalogue was only a quid!!

Swiss - I will so some research - I studied a 3 day course at Morley College near Waterloo or you could try City Lit in Covent Garden - Heather Belcher does some teaching there.

I don't have access to my computer for 2 weeks as i am house-sitting 2 lovely cats and a beautiful garden and no computer!!!!

Mandy x

Camilla said...

I caught this show just by chance- really enjoyed some of it, really hated some of it, which makes for an excellent show in my book.