Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cabinet of Curiosity

Cabinet assembled by Shelly Wyn-De-Bank for her exhibition, Self and Other at The Toilet Gallery.

"Experiencing a sense of wonder in all kinds of things in the world. Discovering new and extreme examples of the natural and the man-made. Making connections across the whole field of human knowledge. Experimenting with arranging, re-arranging and classifying parts of the world (and the connections between them) in many different ways." This definition for Cabinet of Curiosity came from www.curiosity.org.uk/whatisa.htm Also have a look at this Cabinet of Curiosity by Vik Muniz and then if you still want to see more check out this group on flickr.


ka said...

merci Mandie de m'amener à découvrir ton blog et les artistes que tu présentes, le travail de Shelly Wyn-De-Bank est proche de mes préoccupation
à de prochains échanges

helle jorgensen said...

Fascinating description.I'll have to investigate this.
You have a good eye for interesting art.