Saturday 15 October 2022

An arm and a leg

Welcome back to the world of the blog. I missed you. So many social media platforms lack substance and are difficult to navigate. I thought it was time to embrace slowness again. The work pictured spans a period of 7 years. The arm was inspired by my daughter growing up and leaving home (an ongoing project) and the leg is the finished article that I made for the exhibition in the previous post, 2 years ago, just before the pandemic hit.  I studied for an MA in fine art for 2 years part-time 2011-2013. When it ended I found it very difficult to make work again. The best thing about it was meeting so many inspiring people, and finding spaces to make work in outside the normal gallery walls. I feel like my creative life is a series of interruptions which then have to be overcome in order to find the space to create again. The interruptions are stronger than the will to make the work. Maybe the spaces are ok, the work still comes out in the end. Gestational art maybe.
I am going to be updating my flickr page with images of work that I have been making over the last few years. I decided to keep my original blog, circa 2007 so some of the links on the side bar might be out of date, I will be updating them as I go.


Saturday 22 February 2020

Beyond The Frame

For the exhibition Beyond the Frame at Orleans House Gallery, 18 artists were asked to select a work from the London Borough of Richmond arts collection. I chose the explorer, ethnographer and translator of Arabian Nights, Richard Burton and his fencing shoe. I made a sculpture of a leg, using a vintage French stocking, embroidering an image of Richard and his wife Isabel engaged in a fencing bout.

Saturday 1 September 2018

Dorothea Lange

Last chance to see this exhibition of photographs by Dorothea Lange at the Barbican, ends tomorrow.

It has been a while.....

After a few years of using facebook and instagram as a platform, I thought it was time to give this space a new lease of life.  5 years ago I graduated from Camberwell School of Art (UAL) with an MA in Visual Art (book arts).  After I graduated I met lots of artists through my friend and fellow artist, Jude Cowan Montague and was invited to take part in some really fun group shows in unusual settings (mainly underground!) from car parks to crypts.  Facebook and instagram became the preferred platform for connecting with other artists.  There was an immediacy in these platforms  and with that a lack of input of thought on my part.  I had not read any blogs in the last 5 years, and then I stumbled upon Helen McCookerybook's blog which has inspired me to take up the written word and start writing and posting links to my work and also the work of other artists and events that have caught my attention.  Welcome back!


Object of Desire 2018, an artist's book by Mandy Prowse was showing in the Small Publishing Unfair at Camberwell College of Art library. 30th April-21st May 2018.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Embracing The Underdog

Exhibition opens tomorrow Sunday 18th February 12-8pm for one day only at Q-Park, Gerrard Street, Chinatown, London. 120 artists making work for Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dog.