Saturday 15 October 2022

An arm and a leg

Welcome back to the world of the blog. I missed you. So many social media platforms lack substance and are difficult to navigate. I thought it was time to embrace slowness again. The work pictured spans a period of 7 years. The arm was inspired by my daughter growing up and leaving home (an ongoing project) and the leg is the finished article that I made for the exhibition in the previous post, 2 years ago, just before the pandemic hit.  I studied for an MA in fine art for 2 years part-time 2011-2013. When it ended I found it very difficult to make work again. The best thing about it was meeting so many inspiring people, and finding spaces to make work in outside the normal gallery walls. I feel like my creative life is a series of interruptions which then have to be overcome in order to find the space to create again. The interruptions are stronger than the will to make the work. Maybe the spaces are ok, the work still comes out in the end. Gestational art maybe.
I am going to be updating my flickr page with images of work that I have been making over the last few years. I decided to keep my original blog, circa 2007 so some of the links on the side bar might be out of date, I will be updating them as I go.


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