Sunday, 11 March 2007

Marion Michell

And she became another, crocheted red cotton thread, 47x60x10 cms (plus lengths of curly thread).

I met Marion Michell when we exhibited together last year in a show called A Stitch in Time at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond. In the exhibition, Marion was showing a series of dresses crocheted from artificial hair and a pair of knitted legs. I loved her work the moment I saw it - everything she makes has a beautiful poignancy about it and I am very excited that Marion has decided to start a blog, My art grows around me.


Marjojo said...

Hi Mandy,
Thank you for posting my pic and also for your lovely comments on my new blogsite. There's still a lot to learn about blogging, but what I'm doing I'm enjoying enormously. Let's see what will come of it.
I look at your blog every day too, it looks gorgeous and I open the site each day with anticipation! It's lovely to get a thought/picture/idea every day, isn't it.
Are you painting yet?

Feltbug said...

Hi Marion, No painting yet! I am enjoying working with fabrics too much ! Ideas are flowing for new work which is such a good feeling. I am still apprehensive about painting again but I am sure that will resolve itself one day.