Sunday, 25 March 2007

On the allotment

Shed built by Cleve West

Cleve on his allotment wearing a hat made by me from hand-felted merino and wensleydale wool.

We went to a lovely party at gardening designer Cleve West and his partner Christine's allotment today, there was lots of home-made food, chai warming on the fire and even a pot to piss in, in the shed !!

Cleve is using the lunar calendar as a guide for sewing seed and potting on, with guidance from a book called Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007 by Nik Kollerstrom. This is a method of gardening known as biodynamics - I am looking forward to reading more about his exploits on his blog for Gardeners World.


meabh said...

People are very serious about doing things in accordance with moon here. Different tasks - sowing, harvesting, pruning (not to mention cutting your hair!) all have to done at different times in the moon's cycle. I was having trouble getting seed to germinate in my garden last year, was given moon advice by my neighbour and lo and behold everything germinated!!

julie said...

Fab hat and i love all of your inspiration posts!!!!!!!