Sunday, 22 April 2007

Blogs that make you think

Polar by Marci Senders

Marci Senders nominated my blog, for blogs that make you think -thankyou Marci ! I thought I would do the same, these are some of the blogs which really inspire me.

My Art Grows Around Me is all about the work of Marion Michell - I already loved Marion's work so I was very happy when she started blogging about her work - it is such a treat to have an insight into the working process of an artist you really admire.

Gooseflesh is artist Helle Jorgensen's blog. Helle was the person who inspired me to start a blog. It was brilliant to find another artist finding their way both in their art and also in writing a blog about their art.

November Moon is about Cathy Cullis, her art is wonderful and she is a great writer too. Her writing is thought provoking and her art encompasses fine art and craft beautifully.

miss-frugality is Julia Laing, another artist I feel a strong bond with - her work is eclectic and she is travelling a similar path to me, as a painter and then crafter, and now trying to work out where she is creatively but in the end she makes amazing art in different media.

Shula is the author and creator of poppalina - i love reading about her life and her work is inspiring, she has a wonderful daughter, Mym who makes stunning art too. They rock !!

cally creates is by Cally - we have only recently found each other but I am excited about future collaborative possibilities. Her blog is her creative outlet while she renovates her home and she has introduced some amazing art by other artists. We have found a lot of common ground in the work that we like.

I think that this might have to become a monthly feature as there are so many more blogs that I love to look at.


Miss Frugality said...

Wow! Mandy that was a surprise!
Thank you :-)
Now I'm going to check out the couple of links I've not visited yet.

shula said...


helle said...

My God! Now what!

cally said...

Ooh, while I've been unwell I've only skimmed peoples pics but not had the time/energy to read too, so only just saw I'm in this post. How sweet!

thrilled that you too like the idea of collaborating!

with our joint love of red/white/black and our similarly themed textiles and sculpture work I reckon we could do some really great work together.

it's more motivation for me to get the damn house sorted so I can make things again.

oh! i just realised I left my salad seedlings outside uncovered! Meant to be cold tonight and also the slugs might get them. (though I caught and liberated over 70 BIG snails yesterday, took them 5 miles away to a new lush home away from my summer lunches).