Friday, 20 April 2007

Spitalfields, London E1

I went to Spitalfields today, an area I used to frequent years ago when I had a studio nearby. I walked through the market and was shocked to find that most of it has been transformed into an upmarket shopping centre and what is left of the original market is a building site with market stall-holders continuing to sell their wares - it was really miserable. So I quickly left that behind and wandered around the streets nearby - where there are some amazing houses. I love these streets - they are so full of history. A former resident of one of the houses was Anna Maria Garthwaite, designer of Spitalfield Silks in the early 1700's.

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susan said...

ah my daughter just landed in london this morning ... i was looking for places for her to visit. this visit to your blog has helped a bit! they have a free day and perhaps some of these exhibits will interest her!
thanks feltbug!