Sunday, 20 May 2007


Mumm-Ra poster in West London.

I was meeting a friend yesterday, on our way to see the Alice Leach show, (which was fantastic )we met in a cd shop - I had some time to browse and look at the cds - I am the sort of person who will want to purchase a cd just for its cover artwork. I spotted this single by Mumm-Ra - what a great image - but I am trying to curb my frivolous need to purchase things just because they look beautiful. A bit later and we spotted this poster with the same image - luckily I had a camera with me and could record this. I cannot find who the artist is - there was no indication on the cd cover - which is pretty shocking ! Anyway it reminded me of this post, from the Noisy Decent Graphics blog, the Design Disease, which I am sure lots of you will have come across, as it has been read by over 12,000 people (!) - I do identify with what he says and he has set up a flickr group for all those afflicted with the same bug.

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Roger said...

This poster is for a brilliant band. Pity you didn't buy the CD!! But if you check out the Mumm Ra website you may find a link to the artist who does their design work. Hope this helps. Roger