Saturday, 12 May 2007

Shelly Wyn-De-Bank

Painting backdrops for dolls 2003, 30x40 cms.

I went to visit Shelly last week to collect my work after our group show together and she showed me round her wonderful home and I got to see where she works, on the wall was this painting which I fell for instantly and the next thing I knew she handed it to me and asked if I would like to have it ....

words fail me still

I have tried to take a photo and this is as good as I can get for now - although it is not anything like having the real piece of work. I am so happy !

Shelly and I have not known each other long but we have found lots in common in both our life and work - then it turned out that we have the same birthday (although 9 years apart). I love these little co-incidences in life - they are life-affirming moments.

You can see more work by Shelly Wyn-De-Bank on her website and also her flickr site.

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my scattergun approach to art said...

it is always extra special when you have a piece of art from someone you have actually met and admire....what a lovely gift.