Monday, 14 May 2007

Tying the knot

Wedding card for Gill and Andrew 2007

Gill, me and Andrew picnicing in the park c. 1985 Check out those cool shades guys !
I met Andrew in 1980 on the foundation art course at Hounslow Borough College (now South Thames College), we then both got into Maidstone College of Art (now Kent Institute) to study Printmaking where we met Gill, who was in the painting department. I have great memories of my time at art college - first time away from home - we had student grants and great accomodation in those days, it was a close-knit community as there were no other artistic outlets in the surrounding fields. There was a fabulous junk market once a week and plenty of pubs. We made our own entertainment (lots of parties and dancing). Like myself, Gill and Andrew have pursued other directions over the years but I am very pleased that like me they have both been getting back to artistic pursuits. I was inspired to search out some of Andrew's artwork that I knew I had kept in a safe place - huh - how many safe places can there possibly be in a person's life - it has taken all day but several boxes of papers (lots of reminiscing) and I found the stash of art cards from my former creative life !! One of my favourite things is hand-made cards and we all made them for each other in those days.

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