Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Anne-Laure Djaballah

threads-(knots) edit, originally uploaded by anne-lauredjaballah.
24x24inches, 2007 acrylic on panel
This makes me want to start painting again - have a look at Anne-Laure's blog a path no wider than a pencil stroke for more inspiring work or you can click on the painting to go to her flickr page.


Cathy said...

ooh yes, yet another artist I shall have to check out.... thanks!

comfies said...

another great tip, i love her paintings - thanks feltbug!

Kruse said...


yumptatious said...

Completely agree with you: it makes me want to paint too!
I love the contrast of textures and bold use of colour.

lauren said...

another synchronicity thing!! that thread/wool/knot thing... ha!