Monday, 25 June 2007

The concise home doctor

I found this wonderful book in the local charity shop - it is full of pictures and medical facts - it looks like it is from the 30's judging by the hairstyles of the women featured. I am working on a collaboration with installation artist Lauren Brown, She Sees Red and this is going come in very useful - more details later !
Biba paper from the 70s - I love this shade of green. As a teenager my best friend and I would get the number 9 bus every Saturday from Barnes to Kensington High Street to visit Biba's emporium. The most I could ever afford was a bottle of nail polish or a poster but it was worth it for one of their black and gold carrier bags.


cusp said...

What a gem dear ! I'm sure it will be a spiffing boon to you.

Yes, looks like 1930s. I love books like this too. I picked one up recently about health and beauty from the same period. Some of the recommendations are priceless.

Look forward to knowing more about the project.

Cathy said...

I look forward to seeing more of your collaborative project. Certainly intrigued by the book, I'm fascinated by the 30s through to 50s era and how people explored the self.