Sunday, 3 June 2007

Wire tales ii

More treasure from the car boot - I have been looking for a cage for some time now to use in my work and then there was this enormous light bulb ! In the background are some giant mathematical instruments which were a gift from my sister.


Cathy said...

I like the cage and the light bulb.... so many possibilities. Coincidentally, I was making some felt cords and thought perhaps I could make something sculptural out of these, maybe a bird cage! Tell me you have done that already:)?

Feltbug said...

No, not me but Tamar Mogendorff has made textile bird-cages (there is a link to her site in my blogroll of artists). I am thinking more of filling the cage with felt in some way.

Samuel said...

The problem with this picture is there is no perspective, this cage just looks like a tiny one and the light bulb is normal size.