Tuesday, 7 August 2007

more holiday snaps


I love you

Hat box

The other handsome boy


susan said...

that kitty looks just like my old cat. seriously they could have been twins.
lovely shots here today!

ainesse said...

Hi Feltbug I was just over on your flickr page actually looking for that beautiful grid artwork composite thingy, that you made based on "the art of anatomy" art group------( pause for breath ) and I could NOT find it !!

then a pleasent distraction was provided in the form of this lovely little picture of a cat as in the other handsome boy !!

I love the way your puddy cat looks -- I mean like he is walking along kind of up in the air !!!

I was inspired to make one Da Vince grid which I have posted to the group and I have some more stuff by other artists historical and contemporary. The latter I have sought permission from.

bye for now


lulu said...

lovely photos! and thank you for your very nice comments on my blog too :)