Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Autumn Art and Design Fair

The Feltbug stall with jewellery by Kate Hopwood

The fair was a great success - HOORAY ! - thanks to a fantastic team of organisers and sheer hard work which was all voluntary. We decided to keep the costs of the fair low and only charge people the basic minimum to cover the rental of the space. Tables were loaned to us, artwork was donated and people printed out their own flyers. We even got a mention in the local free press. This meant that we were not in huge debt before we even opened the doors - which is one of the major drawbacks of many organised craft fairs - the cost of taking part is so prohibitive unless you are an established maker with a massive income (huh?). The event started slowly but by the afternoon it became quite busy. Everyone was in good spirits, the children did a wonderful job leafleting the reluctant locals and we decided we might even do another one !

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Cathy said...

I was hoping you might post pictures of the fair, lovely! Good to hear it went well.... your stand looked great with those rich red tones and textures.