Thursday, 25 October 2007


Portrait of the artist by Jamila
I have been tagged by the very lovely Alabama Whirly to reveal seven random facts about myself:
1. I collect odd things from charity shops - today I found this cash receipts and advices ledger from 1933. It is very large and heavy and it might be the beginning of a new era of creative work for me, watch this space....
2. I love stripey over-the-knee socks and tights.
3. My bathroom is full of bicycles (well only 2 but they take up a lot of space - they get used as towel rails!). I ride a Dawes red feather but secretly yearn for an old Dutch bicycle - although I might struggle with carrying it up 3 flights of stairs.
4. I love to listen to music but have never had a walkman or an ipod.
5. I don't like mobile phones AT ALL.
6. I love trees, things made of wood and computers - and wish someone would design a wooden computer and keyboard.
7. I was in a photoshoot for Top of the Pops in the 60s when I was 5 years old with The Shadows for their well-loved hit - London's Not Too Far :) Hank Marvin played the part of my Dad and I was paid in guineas !!
Now I am supposed to tag 7 people (which I always chicken out of doing) but I will recommend 7 blogs to you to have a look at if you don't know them already.
5. folk


greenolive said...

I really like the idea of stripy over the knee socks, and they were quite popular when I was in Art College in the mid-80s, especially with Doc martins, but alas I am not the over the knee sock kind of girl. I long to be, but I just aren't. Can I ask if you have dark hair, that is straight, and dark/brown eyes? Cause that's the sort of girl that I think can carry them off. Curly mousey-brown hair with blue eye just doesn't cut it!

Karis said...

Because I stumbled upon your site a few days after I stumbled upon this link, I thought I'd share:

Happy day to you!

meabh said...

My Dad once had a hole in one playing golf in Holland and to mark the occasion was given a big, beautiful, stately as a galleon Dutch bike! My brother has it now and it is sooooo comfortable and easy to ride.

lauren said...

please tell jamila that she takes beautiful photographs and that if she doesn't pursue it, i will come back and shake my index finger at her.

what a lovely list of things to know about you that i can now add to the things i already know about you!

cally said...

i've been seeing quite a few wooden keyboards and mice (mouses?) and even a wooden flatscreen monitor recently, but I don't remember where, if I see more I'll let you know.