Wednesday, 16 January 2008

James Thierree

Manon Gignoux and Victoria Thierree Chaplin designed the costumes for the latest production by James Thierree and his amazing ensemble. Au Revoir Parapluie is touring the world with shows still to come in Australia, France and Austria. I have seen their previous productions, The Junebug Symphony and La Veillees des Abysses. It was some of the most magical and visually exciting theatre I have ever seen. I hope that they will be returning to London this year. You can read more on the Crying Out Loud website.

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Ruth said...

I took my almost grown children to see La Veillees des Abysses when it was in London. I don't know why I suddenly announced. "we're going to the theatre to see something". It could have been anything but I just looked to see something that wouldn't take a fortune for the 3 of us to go to. It just happened to be La V des A. It was unbelievable and usually I am not one to be impressed. I criticise this, I mutter about that being amateur but I was stunned into total silence.
What an incredible mix of mime, dance, acrobatics, comedy, pathos, circus skills. Pure Stagecraft and showmanship.
Oh, in case you didn't know, his grandfather was Charlie Chaplin and you can "see" the blood that flows in his veins.