Monday, 31 March 2008

Rik Snowley

Self portrait by Rik Snowley


I honed my photographic-printing knowledge by working and watching the great “TOP BUZZER”, unfortunately now in exile. I’d witnessed that bloke perform some superb darkroom-deeds, once he even got a photographic image onto cottage cheese…………..MARVELLOUS!
I’m a great fan of photography but desperately try to avoid a majority of photographers. I generally find that they stooge around in floppy clothes, they say things like:”f.11 this and AUTO-FOCUS that”, and as for that other cliché; “What lens did you use?”……….please. Well the lens I use looks rather pleasant, it has a nice purple colour on the front of the glass, and lots of numbers engraved around the outside. Once I added all these numbers together, it came to 80.4, so it must be a good one. The images shown here are a very small sample of the type of subject-matter my lens and I have seen. They are the result of “LOOKING +WALKING”, lots of walking and even more looking, looking until it hurts. When I spy something that looks ideal then “TAKE DEAD AIM AND ATTACK”. When I’m in the darkroom then the sexy bit begins; stinking warm chemicals, expensive photie paper sliding out of sensuous packaging from romantic places, Ilford. I’m standing over the exposing-image for an eternity, waving my hands over areas like a crazed-fool, wishing I’d got the camera exposure right. Maybe I should have listened to those floppy stooges with that “f.11” stuff. Don’t donkey around, just get out there and capture images.

These words were written for an exhibition of Rik's art work in 2001. There is a retrospective exhibition being planned for 2009.


Miss Frugality said...

Wise words.
I can understand how a friend like that would be sorely missed.
Take care,

admin said...

I loved reading that. Sounds like he was a good guy....

Erin said...

it is so hard to lose a friend, but in losing an fellow artist the world can seem darker still. (What a great description of art making.) My thoughts are with you. take care.

David Austerberry said...

Rik taught me to print. A great eccentric from the left field. He fought the 'system' that photographic teaching has become. It's about art not filling forms.

Rik was a true inspiration to all who learnt from is quirky style.

A true original.


Feltbug said...

Thankyou all for your words. It is good to hear from a fellow recipient of Rik's inspiration, David.

Sophie Phipps said...

Awfuk to hear. I was looking to see if my ex-tutor had and exhibitions on and found this sad news. He was one of the most inspiring tutors I've ever known. Passionate about photography and encouraged me to push Tri-X. What happened?

Feltbug said...

Dear Sophie - if you email me I will send you a reply. Best wishes