Monday, 13 October 2008

David Gates

Collector's cabinet, Silo. English oak, brown oak, eastern red cedar and cedar of Lebanon.
H1150 W550 D375mm.

I met furniture maker David Gates at Origin last week. 'These pieces are part of a new body of work that has its beginnings in a conversation on a train back to London from The Midlands. A desire to work more intuitively, directly with the material and to explore forms in a manner more akin to drawing, which has always been part of my design and make process. Whilst thoughtful, drawing is relatively fast, with the direct imagining of constructions - but then during making a huge slowing down and rationalization takes place; finality, setting in stone.' David is hoping to start a conversation on what furniture is and does. I think he has succeeded - I found these studies thought provoking and challenging.

You can see David's work at Contemporary Applied Arts until 17 October.

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