Friday, 17 October 2008

Michelle Holden


Michelle Holden, 'As an artist – maker, my practice, which originated in embroidery, has evolved into paper and text based works where I combine my desire to hand craft and deconstruct the found object (books and maps) into original works of art through a combination of cutting and stitching.'

You can see more of Shellie's work on her website, Spool.


Jane Ponsford said...

Dear Feltbug, I had forgotten how wonderful Michele's work is. I saw it at Origin but didn't have time to stop to talk to her. Thanks for the photos and the link to her website.

PS The art space whose blog I was setting up has decided to get funding for an all-singing-all-dancing website so I probably won't be a fellow blogger for a while!

Ali said...

These works are amazing! I love them - thanks so much for sharing the Spool link :)

swiss said...

those map things. i'd go well out of my way to see those!