Monday, 27 April 2009

Bug <3

Bug , originally uploaded by Feltbug.

1. lil' bee - close up, 2. Stack, 3. Lotus and Gold Bug -woodblock print, 4. omus dejeani, 5. all this talk about drawing bugs now, 6. What Comes Down Must Go Up, 7. Not a ladybird but interesting..., 8. Shinya2, 9. Bugs, 10. SOLD! Tom Bugs, 11. Mixed media. 2007, 12. Bark Bettle, 13. mos june bug 002, 14. bug art, 15. Balmain (or Moreton Bay?) bug, 16. Textile Bug, 17. bug collection II, 18. I love the sound of dying bugs, 19. Dead bugs, 20. slime mold with bug, 21. The bugs are on the moon, with umbrellas (meteor showers?), 22. bug in progress, 23. bugs on my wind panel, 24. schumtzie's bug, 25. new bug, 26. Laos bug, 27. Bug and Flor Cotton, 28. Bug Pin, 29. Inseto raivoso / Raging Bug, 30. 008 "litter" bug

Here is a selection of bug related photographs and artwork by some of my lovely friends on flickr. Click on the image to go to flickr where you can find the featured artists or use the links above to go to the individual artist's flickr. Thankyou to all the artists for sharing their pictures.

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mimi k said...

I <3 bugs too! Great mosaic!