Tuesday, 9 June 2009

PJ Harvey

I was watching something about Island Records the other night and this came on - I remember being mesmerized by this performance at the time when PJ Harvey was on the Jools Holland show. I cannot believe it was in 1995, 14 years ago. It is still wonderful, one of my favourite performances of all time.


Joanne Haywood said...

Another thing we have in common!

swiss said...

pj = goddess!

i've been looking for your stamp guy but no success. i may have a lead if i'm in edinburgh at some point but in the mean time if that's what you like you might want to keep an eye put for anna pavord's the naming of names. stupidly cheap on amazon sellers. £2!

Feltbug said...

Swiss are you encouraging me to buy books this week :) I cannot believe that the stamp guy is not credited either on the stamps or on the royal mail website.

Feltbug said...

I love to listen to music in the studio Jo!