Friday, 23 October 2009

Enquire within upon everything

" Whether you wish to model a flower in wax; to study the rules of etiquette; to serve a relish for breakfast or supper; to plan a dinner for a large party or a small one; to cure a headache; to make a will; to get married; to bury a relative; whatever you may wish to do, make or to enjoy, provided your desire has relation to the necessities of domestic life, I hope you will not fail to 'ENQUIRE WITHIN'." Published in 1884, London.
Inside the first page are 2 hand-written recipes from 1884, one for marmalade and the other for tea cakes.


denise said...

I just love that you found the handwritten recipes inside.

Feltbug said...

Hello Denise. The hand-writing is so beautiful and once I decipher it I am keen to try the recipes. There is something so personal about a hand-written recipe and even more so from so long ago.