Friday, 16 October 2009

Fake Moustaches


swiss said...


i can only respond with this -
better than the bbc article on the same topic tho that did lead to some very interesting discussions around indian facial topiary with the guyd at work

be assured hair india is a real book as is the grandly title one thousand beards

more of a niche and certainly not as endearing but i'd also recommend the mullet: hairstyle of the gods

Jane O Sullivan said...

hello ms.feltbug...I LOVE your drawings and now I am lost ! ...cannot remember how I got here ...pleased I did great blog :)

Feltbug said...

Hello swiss - thankyou for this most informative link. Have you or do you have a moustache or have you ever - I wonder :-{)

Jane - how lovely that you ended up here so I could follow you there :)