Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mix tape

This was a mixtape I received from Rik Snowley in 2002, a beautiful compilation that I still love to listen to.


yumptatious said...

Aww, I miss mixtapes! This one looks fab: a good eclectic selection to keep your ears guessing. I can still remember the track listings of my favourite mix tapes, compiled with such thought and love by the 'mixers'. I don't think that handing over a memory stick has the same heartfelt vibe about it, or am I just getting old?
I don't know if you've heard it but Lauren Laverne has a feature about mixtapes on her programme:

Feltbug said...

Hi Yumptatious! I will have to check that out. A memory stick has no soul - and nowhere to stick groovy artwork. I bought 2 LPs and some EPs recently for old times sake even tho I don't own a record player any more!! This tape has a rather nice hiss in the background too. I have not joined the ipod generation yet. I like to take a cd apart and read the small print and hopefully the lyrics will be included too so I can sing along :)