Monday, 1 March 2010

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday, originally uploaded by Feltbug.

1. Untitled, 2. CUBIST LITERATURE FW'10, 3. table, 4. wherever she went she carried light, 5. sewing, 6. be gone, 7. please let me go, 8. heretic, 9. working on something new, 10. Praying Mantis and Flowers, 11. Spiegel, 12. Untitled, 13. 01, 14. Gilles de la Tourette, 15. checkpoint, 16. where the bee sucks, 17. editors, 18. Hair. Cut., 19. Karo Lippenmouth, 20. Untitled, 21. accordion paper clock - tutorial, 22. Copenhagen October 2009, 23. underwater space, 24. Red Faces 10.11, 25. No end to this color, 26. Schnipsel-Character 09, 27. letter came today, 28. At the Met, 29. talking together, 30. my stripey noro knee socks say...

Here is a selection of photographs and artwork by some of my lovely friends on flickr. Click on the image to go to flickr where you can find the featured artists or use the links above to go to the individual artist's flickr. Thankyou to all the artists for sharing their pictures.


Kylie said...

Wow, what a selection! This is going to be great fun looking through these. Thanks :) K