Saturday, 31 March 2007

art of the STITCH

Hand felted and embroidered by Selina.

Another masterpiece by one of the children from the workshops Emma and I have been running this month. Here is a great tutorial for making a flat piece of felt by Kneek.

There is a call for entries for an International Open Exhibition in 2008/9 called art of the STITCH presented by the Embroiderer's Guild. Deadline for entries is Friday 21 September.


Sonya said...

This is amazing and very inspiring. I might have to try a felting project with my kid's class. The results are fantastic.

Ann said...

Mandy, thanks for putting a link to Kneek there were so many easy to follow makes that I went out today for some spongey balls to make small 'boxes' (Couldn't find a wooden brick) I'm waiting for them to dry so I can cut them off to see how they turned out. I also made a 'vase' but managed to get a couple of gaps in the bottom, so will applique patches. Using net curtain and bubble wrap speeds it up so much that felting has become a joy again.