Monday, 26 March 2007

In the studio (21 years ago)

Cable Street Studios, London E1. 1986

I was lucky to find a studio, soon after leaving art college. I don't know if I would have continued to make art consistently without having this space to work in. There was an advert in Artist's Newsletter for artists to come and join this new project - the only catch was that we had to build our own studio, put up walls and hang a door ! The building was an old sweet factory in Limehouse in East London. I was there from 1985-1990. This picture was taken just before the studio open - the drawing was of some shelves with favourite objects. Indian ink on brown paper. I have always loved drawing. In those days I worked LARGE, mainly with charcoal on paper.

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Cathy said...

I really enjoy looking at studio spaces of all kinds and reading of how artist's develop over time, so thanks for sharing this. I have always wanted to work large but have never had a dedicated space large enough.