Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Natalija Lovett-Turner

Natalija Tile wearing her Latvijan national costume c1930s

Portrait of a Latvijan girl 1990 Gouache and poster paint on canvas board 10x12 inches.

Natalija was my maternal Grandmother. She was born on this day in 1915. She died in 1990. This was one of her last paintings. She painted all her life and was also a prolific photographer, cross stitch artist and knitter. She asked me to wear her national costume so that she could take photographs in colour as she only had b/w pictures. This painting is from one of those photographs.


Miss Frugality said...

What a wonderful painting!
She must have been a great influence for you.
Do you recognise yourself from the picture?

Cathy said...

how beautiful, your grandmother had such a particular, energetic style about her. It is lovely for her that she lives on in work that survives - and that you treasure her memory/work.

Marjojo said...

Your grandmother's painting almost has a textile feel to it, or at least tactile. It looks layered, as if collaged from different papers and materials. Beautiful, and love that you've got that link with her, of making art, and that it was you she photographed so she could paint her national costume in those gorgeous colours.

Feltbug said...

Yes I do recognise myself in the portrait! She was such a huge influence in my life - she was an amazing woman - so full of character.

helle said...

This is a wonderful story.
Your Grandmother was a very striking looking woman and must have had a wondeful influence on your life. I'm certain she would be proud of you if she was still alive. Perhaps she is watching you from somewhere.