Thursday, 3 May 2007

Artistic nature

Hannah 2005-6 (detail) by Claire Heathcote. Hand and machine stitch on wool, hand cut applique and screen print 130x110 cms

The latest issue of Embroidery Magazine is out. It features the work of Claire Heathcote and her portraits in thread. They are stunning works of art. Embroidery magazine, if you do not know it, is a great publication but it is not easy to find - as far as I know no shops in London stock it and the only way to get hold of it is by mail order or by visiting the Embroiderers Guild bookshop. If you are planning to do this I would telephone first to make sure the shop is open.
Mistletoe growing on a tree at Hampton Court Palace.

I went to the Embroiderers Guild bookshop at Hampton Court Palace to pick up a copy yesterday and saw this amazing tree with mistletoe growing all over it. Mistletoe is a parasite which grows off other trees. Nature does it again !

Signature 1999 by El Anatsui, photograph by Martin Barlow for Oriel Mostyn, Wales.

And here is another wonderful piece of work by El Anatsui, again featuring my favourite material - the tree. El Anatsui who is showing work in London at the moment, as I mentioned last month, also has a show in California at The Fowler Museum in Los Angeles until 26 August, this is a touring show organised by Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Wales.


Cathy said...

I used to subscribe to Embroidery magazine and enjoyed it. But had to cut back on subscriptions so.... Perhaps I might just start a subscription some time again. I think actually I stopped subscribing when the editorial changed and the previous editor started that must be a while ago now!

helle said...

That portrait is incredible. Must be a great magazine.
It's so difficult to get decent magazines here in Sydney.......... feels like I live on another planet sometimes.

Yes, you've been tagged!

comfies said...

oops! didn't realize you'd already been tagged. small bloggin' world isn't it?