Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Thrifted gilt.

A new Charity shop has opened near where I live and I found these 3 unusual objects. The hand is made of plaster and holds an object with a cross. The glass bottle looks like it could be Russian, I love gilded glass. The basket is a rucksack - the shape is just right for a new bag I have been planning to make out of felt. I went to see the creative basketry exhibition at City Lit adult education institute last week and I am thinking about joining the course in September.


cusp said...

Wow there must be somefunky charity shops round your way. I love that hand. I want it !;-)) Are there anymore ?? Surely they came as a pair........:-(

Marie-Lynn said...

The gilded glass vase is a base for a hookah pipe. They are quite beautiful :) We bought one ahnd it is quite similar in blue glass with gold lines. This is worth about 20-25$ US I guess. Good find!

susan said...

i would like to visit your shops! (and of course you too...)
lovely finds!