Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Circles necklace

I have been developing some new ideas for making textile jewellery. This has partly been due to developing exzema on my right hand which makes wet felting difficult. I have a stash of wool pullovers that have shrunk in the washing machine. So I started to cut them up into circles of varying sizes and layer them together with some offcuts of velvet which had been lying around for a couple of years and then I embroidered flowers onto them. I was going to make them into flower brooches but then I started placing them next to each other and liked how they looked and so this necklace came into being. I have photographed it both outside and indoors to try and show the the textures of the piece. It is a very slow process, so I have also made some with less embroidery which you can see on my flickr page.
I have to confess to the subliminal influence of these lovely circles of felt over at Bugs and Fishes.

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Miss Frugality said...

The mixture of velvet and felt is really appealing.