Thursday, 22 November 2007

London Artists Book Fair

A Humument#45121B0 by Tom Phillips

There are some cool events happening this weekend. Firstly the London Artists Book Fair at the ICA in London organised by the ever so cool Marcus Campbell Art books. I am hoping to visit on Friday if I can avoid the very uncool bugs that are sweeping the capital at the moment. Fellow blogger Mrs Eliot books will be there along with lots of other inspiring artists including the wonderful Tom Phillips - oh my and he has a blog too.


Francesca said...

thanks for the mention mandy. i have a very uncool bug at the moment so i will be trying not to spread it around the LABF!

Sonya said...

I love Tom Phillips. Sounds like great happenings.

lauren said...

bugger. wish i was there!

i'm back online with good net connect for a while, so i'm looking forward to trawling through the feltbug archives :)