Saturday, 15 December 2007

Richard Sharples

Matters of Life and Death is a sculptural installation by Richard Sharples at the disused Royal Ear Hospital off Tottenham Court Road. The show ends tomorrow. It was like walking into the set of a Tarkovsky movie, dark and atmospheric with the sound of running water. I enjoyed this show - it was contemplative - something I don't find much time to be these days.


Gina said...

Love that top picture.

admin said...

I've realised now that I'm living my life vicariously through your blog. I don't need to go out any more! Lovely stuff.

lauren said...

i used to walk past that disused hospital and wish, i wish, that i could get in there and do a huge installation in there.
i'm pleased to see that mr sharples had the same idea!

i hope you're well lovely - i'm enjoying going to london galleries with you on your blog! although i do miss doing it in real life with you.