Friday, 11 January 2008

The sketchbook of the mind

I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I hardly get one thing finished before the next idea comes bursting forth. The more I look the more I see. I have a pattern of thought emerging relating to ideas in my work at the moment which is a wonderful place to be at in my head. And I can start to envisage a line of influences and inspiration that are leading me in a direction. The posts and links are a trail of breadcumbs for you to peruse and join me on a journey. I have no idea where I am heading, how long it will take and if I will ever get there. I have everything I need except that most precious commodity, TIME. Tonight I had to forgo Ziggy Stardust live on the box so that I could get these thoughts down. BBC4 has been doing some great music related documentaries and films over the last few days. Everyday I am exposed to the most wonderful creative possibilities and inspirations through the internet, blogs and flickr, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, films, books, art which have to be then digested and edited down to into some kind of new language of ideas for myself which I can then pick up and start to make something with. Being creative is a wildly selfish place to be. But it is a truly happy place for all its enquiry.

This blog has been an incredible place of research and thought for me. My actual art work has ground to a halt over the last few months but the ideas are really coming together now for something different. It might even be time to start drawing again.

OK - it is approaching the 1 year anniversary of FELTBUG - the blog! This has become a very important mental sketchbook for me and I do feel very lucky to have met some wonderful people, both in the real and virtual world. Thankyou for all your visits and see you again soon!


Cathy said...

Can relate to what you are expressing here, in a various ways. Especially the Time Thing! I hope your ideas to come to fruition and enjoy the process, it will be so interesting to see new work.

shula said...

Has it really only been a year? Feels like longer.

Happy anniversary, Mandy.

cleve said...

Happy Anniversary! ..and a Happy New Year too!
Just had a peek to show a work colleague and surprised/pleased to see the snowman!
Take care and hope to see you soon

cally said...

1year, wow, you've posted so much good stuff it seems longer, Happy Anniversary.

I love what you've written here, I'm feeling the same way, been getting so stimulated by finding my old work, and by the world and the net and OH MY all the possibilities (ignoring the fact i can hardly walk or even cook just now).

did i email you about my book collab/swap? i'm going to do a thing with some of you blog women linked to my stash of old papercut books from college. i'd love if you had time to get involved. there's no deadline, no start date (other than I want to make it happen this year, hopefully by April).