Monday, 18 February 2008

Alan Davie

The Shaman's Enigma. The word paintings of Alan Davie.

Infernal Beings No1, 2007, oil on board 12x14.5in

Errores Y Multilaciones No 2, 2007, oil on canvas 48x60in
Alan Davie has a show of his recent paintings The Shaman's Enigma at Gimpel Fils gallery (until 23rd February) and James Hyman Gallery (until 1st March) in London.
Flag walk, 1974 tapestry wool.

Alan Davie has also designed some beautiful tapestries such as this one from 1974 which was purchased by the Government Art Collection of the UK.


Di said...

Alan Davie comes from my home town and I remember as a teenager going to see a retrospective of his work with my father - it is truly breathtaking - in style, in size and in colour! I wish I could get to London to see it!

meabh said...

Hi Mandy,
thanks for the comment re Craigie Horsfield - I wish I could see those tapestries in the flesh... ah well. If you go to the Dovecote Studios website there's a picture of an Alan Davie tapestry in progress - huge and beautiful.
Best, Meabh

Shell said...

Love the complex tapestry-like images here. They're so rich.

cynthia korzekwa said...