Saturday, 16 February 2008

Craigie Horsfield

I went to see the new Frith Street Gallery which has moved to Golden Square. It is a very sleek looking space from the outside and nothing prepares you for the incredible interior which has a very raw, yet monumental feeling. They have mounted a stunning show of tapestries by Craigie Horsfield. It is on until 27 February. They kindly let me take these photographs.

In the tapestries, which are based on photographic images the sense of their fabric as the material of representation concerns the interplay between the substance of the things depicted and of their being depicted - at once a metaphorical and actual interweaving. Unlike a photographic surface, that of the tapestry is densely present and its rhetoric is not first of all concerned with the evanescence of light, but with the physical surface - the skin of things.
(Text from the press release)

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