Saturday, 14 February 2009

Mosaic Valentine

Mosaic Valentine, originally uploaded by Feltbug.

1. exhibition, 2. heart, 3. Heart, 4. Heart Heads, 5. Heart, 6. mixed feelings - journal30, 7. I Heart Wifealiciousness, 8. replacement of the heart (detail), 9. heart lines, 10. Open heart operation, 11. i heart recycling (d2d: 4/2), 12. Triumph of a heart, 13. surgery heart, 14. The More I Want You, 15. all heart, 16. artwork for the Poldr &Przewalski's Horses' split, 17. Got Heart, 18. Aran (detail) 3, 19. heartattack2_420, 20. Alter Book Project, 21. 009020803 work in progress, 22. insanity, 23. BARBE SAINT JOHN -Love Tattooed on My Heart Necklace, 24. heart, 25. rhythm, 26. Zera: Environmental Indicators: Wounded Heart (Detail), 27. The Heart, 28. My Heart on a Table, 29. oxygen pathways of the human heart coeur, 30. Bleeding Hearts Necklace

Here are some beautiful hearts sourced from my contacts and also The Art of Anatomy group on flickr. Click on the image or the titles to go to the page of the featured artists.


swiss said...

you've not had any cycling vids for a bit so here's one
all the more spooky for me as while i was watching it i thought 'i know that road' and sure enough i used to cycle it almost every day. never saw a banjo player tho

Judy Scott said...

fabulous collection of art :)


Your mosaics are always so interesting!